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About Us

Serve As Consultants For All Industrial And Manufacturing Needs!

we take pride in being a leading and innovative chemical manufacturer dedicated to delivering high-quality products

Chempack Industry entered the flourishing and established Indian chemical industry with an incredible Thirty year background. Today, under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Varshal Patel, the company has acquired new dynamism; our highly skilled & dedicated professionals reflect this spirit.

Chempack products are subject to and comply with various industry regulations & standards and the production facility near 10,000 MT/Annum.


The company’s success story is based on sincerity of purpose and total self-reliance.


The driving force behind the tremendous growth and pioneering track record of Chempack is our commitment towards sincerity of purpose and total self reliance.


Chempack with a totally national framework now has an international reach; and boasts of exports to other countries. Chempack products and the infrastructure at the production facility at Ankleshwar comply with various industry regulations & standards. The Huge Production capacity plant is well equipped with laboratory and sound professionals to maintain the optimum quality standards. At the same time we are constantly innovating and venturing into new products.


We strive to be a value-based organization seeking professional excellence in all our products, processes and services that meet need of clients, will contribute towards building self-sustaining society.


Invent, Innovate and Move ahead from Strength to Strength are
the qualities which drive us. Vision for us is encompasses what we are doing in the present and how that will shape the future.
values are crucial for fostering trust, driving innovation, and ensuring success in a competitive global market.

The Significance of Values

We Believe Values serve as guiding principles that shape the culture, decision-making processes, and overall reputation of the company.


Our reputation is built on over 30 years of continuous excellent service, providing top quality products to a diverse range of clients. We are dedicated to overseeing every detail with a keen and expert eye.


We value our customers and do everything possible to ensure their happiness. That is our promise. We hope to have you as a customer soon and please let us know if you have any questions.

Integrity &

Our guiding principle in working with customers, suppliers, employees, and the community is to operate with complete integrity and honesty. Our guarantee is that you will always be dealt with honestly and ethically.

Value Long Term

We are an expert in our field and the customer is always our first priority. We have unique expertise in matching our customers’ expectations by offering a service which no one else can.

our dedicated team of professionals drives innovation and ensures the highest quality standards in chemical manufacturing

The Minds Behind Chempack Industry

With a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence, meet the experts behind our success.
Customized Solutions That Fits All Critical Industry Needs!

Our Consultations Will Examine And Advise On How To Become More Efficient And Better.

We enhance our industry operations by relieving you of the worries associated with freight forwarding.
We’ll work with you on your project, together we’ll fine tune your new customised material available for clients.
Smooth, easy & instant handling with full control over your customised Packaging requirements.
We make customised package proposals and available in 25 kgs, 50 kgs and 1 mt jumbo bags.
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Customer Satisfaction

Based on 750+ reviews of 6,154 Completed Projects, and 2,194 Happy Customers who deeply trust us.
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Building The Future, Restoring The Past
Building The Future, Restoring The Past
Building The Future, Restoring The Past
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Building The Future, Restoring The Past
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Our certifications reflect our dedication to excellence and our continuous efforts to meet the highest benchmarks in our field.

At Chempack Industry,we take pride in our commitment to quality and industry standards.

ISO 22000 : 2018

ISO 9001 : 2015